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In 2024 Seek to Know Jesus More!

As many make a habit of setting new resolutions or new goals for the new year.

Here is one for you to consider: Seek to Know Jesus More!

If you want to know how, just do these simple things:

  • Spend time in prayer, talking and listening to Jesus.

  • Spend time in scripture, reading and studying about Jesus.

  • Spend time singing and praising about and to Jesus.

  • Spend time with others talking and learning about Jesus.

To put is in the simplest terms, just spend time with Jesus!

It sounds simple because it is! We are the ones that make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Our lives are filled with activities and events that constantly demand our attention, but none of them will be more fulfilling than the time you spend with Jesus.

Seek to Know Jesus More in 2024!

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